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Ordered the shack pack, couldn’t believe how much food you get for the money and it was all unbelievable. The fried chicken is amazing and the Rice and Peas with the Stew is fantastic. Definitely recommended

Hi Lainey


We have had the most amazing lunch today thank you so much it certainly is a range we will definitely having again and there was no issue re the leaks nothing was spoilt 

Is there any instructions for re heating in the oven at all?

But thank you gain amazing food and please let me know when you go live for orders 

mmmm this is the best fried chicken I have ever eaten! 100% reccomend everything really delicious and full of flavour!

John’s just had his tea Elaine and has said it’s beautiful, spot on and he will definitely be ordering again, thank you so much. I will be having mine very soon, so I’ll give my own review a little later but the bits I’ve tasted so far are amazing 😻 xxx

wow what a variety of food .enough for husband said it taste delicious and being a jamaican he would know lol thankyou so much x

just had my husbands food delivered.beautifully presented and wow such variety.he said some today and rest tomorrow but he said it tastes delicious.thankyou so much x

Ordered the shack pack for me and my boyfriend. WOW... absolutely amazing food. Louie said it’s the best fried chicken he’s ever had. 100% recommend and you get sooo much of it!! 😍😍😍 thank you!! X

Hello Elaine,


Didn't wait to reheat, we just got stuck in and a case of eye bigger than stomach..

super size helping .

Those catch ya moments:

Ok loved the fried chicken coatings - so tasty

Caribbean coleslaw dressing - loved it especially with the Johnny cakes to soak it up. 

Red cabbage jumped out well too

Rice perfectly cooked, not over and not under. 

Will's veggie was a  big thumbs up, I think the deep fried veg was a big hit.

Level of spiciness was spot on, Will and I could take more heat, but it is not about

the heat but the beautifully complex flavours. 

Definitely a new family favourite and can't wait to try all the other dishes.

Serving size was generous,

Must remember to reheat to ensure fullest enjoyment

Will definitely be ordering again, might even become my new Sunday dinner!